Wellness Academy Online provides quality, online self-help courses to help you learn the skills needed to achieve your goals. Our courses are not just tutorials; they are impactful and intentional strategies to help improve your life, knowledge & understanding of health and wellness! These courses include lessons, assignments, discussion boards and an instructor to help you master the learning outcomes.

Learn the Things You Need To Live a More Improved Life

Identify the Needs

Increase self-awareness in order to have a clear understanding of your true wants and needs.

Commit to an Action Plan

Find out how to create an action plan for your life that is realistic and goal directed.

Learn Solution Focused Mindset

Learn how to change you mindset to seek out solutions and not excuses.



Learn to Break Habits

Find out how you can stop the same habits from returning by making a commitment and creating a plan.

Be Bolder

Discover how having uncommon courage to do what needs to be done for yourself will encourage others and start a movement of #BeBolderNow.

Understand the Power of Accountability

Learn how to choose your relationships so that your relationship circles will not only encourage you, but also join you on your journey.